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Water Monitoring Solution

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The RST Water Monitoring Solution (WMS) allows you to take control of your water.

Water is the bush’s most valuable resource, traditionally to monitor your water tanks you would have to send staff around the property from
tank to tank each day, as they check water levels at different locations. This often equates to thousands of dollars every year, which not only
increases operating costs and wastes your staff’s valuable time, but also increases the risk of injury as workers travel around the property.

The RST WMS has been designed to alleviate all of these challenges by providing a low maintenance, cost-effective and efficient way to
ensure your livestock or crops have the right amount of water at all times. The RST WMS can be connected via cellular or satellite connectivity,
allowing it to send all of your critical water level information straight to your tablet, smartphone or computer, wherever your tanks are
located. You can view all of your water resources in one place on the fully configurable online dashboard, where you can set alerts that notify
you when your water levels drop below a predetermined level, or detect leaks and other faults before they become a problem.